There is a nice piece about "Louis," the silent film I, and many members of the JLCO (Including Wynton Marsalis) have been perfroming. The film is beautiful to watch, but what is amazing is how the music provides the dialogue, perhaps better than if the movie were a "talkie." I have always known music to be an effective language, but the fact that music speaks louder than words has never been more clear to me than after doing this project.
We are performing at the Apollo Theater in NYC on Monday night.
Here is a link to the Times article:
This is a great project. A silent movie based (loosely) on the life of a very young Louis Armstrong with an amazing band, and a stylish score by Wynton Marsalis and others. We're performing the music live to the projected film in a few cities, then recording it in the studio. If you can catch this, do not miss it.
Someone captured a bit of the recent gig at Kitano, with Frank Kimbrough, Ray Drummond, and Matt Wilson.